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Polymer Silicone leather for medical sofa

wildely use for babies and madical equiment

No matter the hand feeling or the gloss just like the N[**]P[**] leather, but the performance is much better than geniue leather,according to the 28 years in R&D silicone experience,we combine the food-grade silicone which wildely use for babies and madical equiment with the leather by our technology.It is the only real food-grade silicone leather,which name is  Fristpic.

Related Performance Index

Medical standard Silicone Leather


Skin contact (Skin-friendly):Negative oxygen ion transmittance

[**]nti-fouling and easy to clean:

Healthcare cleaning test reach the highest grade of sollyd.

Environmentally friendly food grade:

Food Grade Standard Silicone,Pacifier silicone standard,High temperature can contact food safety level.

Chemical resistance:

EN747-1 / 2 [**]STMF1858 [**]SN1[**]16 EN102122006 C[**]117

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