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Polymer Silicone leather for medical sofa

wildely use for babies and madical equiment

No matter the hand feeling or the gloss just like the NAPA leather, but the performance is much better than geniue leather,according to the 28 years in R&D silicone experience,we combine the food-grade silicone which wildely use for babies and madical equiment with the leather by our technology.It is the only real food-grade silicone leather,which name is  Fristpic.

Related Performance Index

Medical standard Silicone Leather


Skin contact (Skin-friendly):Negative oxygen ion transmittance

Anti-fouling and easy to clean:

Healthcare cleaning test reach the highest grade of sollyd.

Environmentally friendly food grade:

Food Grade Standard Silicone,Pacifier silicone standard,High temperature can contact food safety level.

Chemical resistance:

EN747-1 / 2 ASTMF1858 ASN1A16 EN102122006 CA117

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