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What are the characteristics of silicone synthetic leather raw materials

Date:2020-02-05 Click:361

Silicone materials are outstanding in many fields, so what are the characteristics of silicone synthetic leather raw materials?

Organic siloxane polymer is a new type of environmentally friendly material, which has many excellent properties such as excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, good skin affinity, mildew resistance, and stain resistance. Products made from silicone materials can easily pass the US SGS certification and European LFGB certification. Widely used in baby pacifiers, kitchen utensils, fabric coatings, medical microfluidics and other fields.

Silicone rubber has been used in textiles, brand labels, etc. as screen printing technology for high-end materials. As people continue to yearn for a better life. The continuous development of the field of organic silicon materials has gradually found its position in the high-end synthetic leather industry. Compared with PVC and PU, silicone leather has natural advantages in terms of environmental protection and production technology. Silicone materials are the future trend of synthetic leather and will definitely become a group of dark horses in synthetic leather. Meet the people's requirements for a better living standard.

Material characteristics of organic silicon synthetic leather:

1. Nano-reinforcing materials, easier toning

2. Solvent-free dry production process

3. Excellent wear resistance, Martindale wear test over 100,000 times

4. Smooth feel

5. tasteless

What are the characteristics of silicone synthetic leather raw materials? You will understand after reading

Silicone synthetic leather typical application:

1. Child seat;

2. Automotive, Yacht, Aviation Interior Leather

3. Special leather for medical equipment

4. High-end luggage

5. Outdoor equipment seat leather

6. Home leather, massage chair leather