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How to choose a good silicone leather

Date:2020-02-05 Click:403

Recent years,With the continuous improvement of people's living standards

The demand for quality life is also increasing, and more environmentally friendly new materials are constantly being used.

Among them, the silicone industry chain is collectively red, and various silicone leathers continue to occupy the market.

So how to choose a good silicone leather has become a concern for everyone.

Today, we will tell you how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silicone leather.

We summarized from the following aspects:

1.The batch is unstable

The batch of silicone leather with poor quality is unstable, which is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1. Unstable abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance varies from batch to batch, which is more likely to cause abrasion and can even be scratched with nails.

2. The color difference is too large, it is easy to distinguish different batches of products with the naked eye.

Application of seat sofa system: For example, hotel sofa seats use different batches of leather. If the color difference is large, it is easy for different seats to show different colors, which will affect product image and quality.


Good silicone leather does not have any odor, and non-authentic silicone leather has a high odor due to the evaporation of the surface treatment solvent.

3. Feel

Poor silicone leather has a strong plastic feel. The material looks like plastic and is relatively stiff. The entire product feels relatively low-end, while good-quality silicone leather is softer and more comfortable. Come and touch the skin.

4, easy to stain

The silicone material itself is easily stained, and its own electrostatic property is strong. Poor quality silicone leather is more likely to stain. Such as the fabric industry in contact with the skin, if you use poor-quality silicone leather, it is easy to stain, and may also cause health problems during use.

5. Difficult sewing processing

Sewing processing is difficult. If you choose a silicone leather with a poor base fabric, the overall strength may be insufficient, which will affect the sewing.