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Production Process

[**]ll of Shalite's organic silicone leathers use the most advanced dry normal process, and refuse to use organic solvents and chemical additives in the production process, thereby ensuring that Shalite leather products have lower VOCs release and safer performance. [**]t the same time, we carefully screen the raw materials used to ensure that all Shalite leather can meet the following environmental requirements.

1. Safety and environmental protection, the production process and use are all green products;

2. The organic silicon material has excellent aging resistance to ensure that it will not deteriorate for a long time;

3. Transparent raw gum, stable gum properties, ensuring bright color and excellent color fastness;

4, feel soft, smooth, delicate, flexible;

5, waterproof and anti-fouling, high and low temperature resistance;

6. The production process is simplified.

Production Process